Education is slowly becoming a system

I am sorry about the slow posting, but here’s a tip.  Never say, “no, I am have some spare time”, because someone will come along and fill that time for you; as happened to me.

In this brief post I want to present the notion that the modern education system is actually educating to a standard and not educating for the future.  This has become an area of interest for me recently due to several academic related endeavours I am undergoing.  This style of teaching – to assessment standards – is not developing critical thinking, and in some cases, not even to a logical process.

But, rather than spout on with my views, I thought I would take the time saving measure of providing some links and asking you to consider the information and form your opinion.  Here we go:

From parents:

Arkansas Mom Exposes Common Core For The Nightmare It Is

From children:

4th Grader Rocks Common Core Education By Asking School Board One Question

Valedictorian Gives Graduation Speech Against the US Education SystemFrom adults

The Slow Death of the University

Can We Raise Aware Children In a Flawed Educational System

‘Mythbusters’ star: Bring back band, shop class if you want better test scores

Do you agree?


Tell me your thoughts

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