Education is a two-way street.

Just a short post for two reasons, one is to let those who follow know I haven’t disappeared, just swamped; the second because this is more a random thought rather than a structured argument.

Has anyone else noted the growing amount of information, guidance, and advice for educators on how to engage with their students?  Anything from understanding student motivation, to flipping the classroom to make it less teacher-centred to more student-centred, understanding learning styles, to “engaging” with technology, making work zones, using explicit teaching and meaning, and so on and so on.

Have you noticed what is missing?  For me, it is how are the students going to engage with the teacher.  By that I mean where are the papers, guidance, and advice to students advising them of their responsibilities in this two-way transaction?  I find very little, can anyone help me?

I ask because I tire of being told how much I have to do to engage my students as if I – and many other educators – are the only determining factors for the success or otherwise of our students.  When do students get to uphold their end of the bargain?


Tell me your thoughts

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