Education is about people, not systems

One of my favourite presenters is Sir Ken Robinson.  In one of his presentations he says, “education is not a mechanical system, it is a human system”.  While I automatically warmed to this message, it took me a little while to fully grasp the deeper meaning; but when I saw these images it made a great deal of sense.

These images came to mind last week when I attended a conference and heard people speak about education in terms of qualifications, outcomes, and assessments.  Not that I wasn’t paying attention, but I did mentally wander off and wonder why is conformity so important?  I get that there needs to be a standard of measure to demonstrate competence and, preferably, capability; but surely there are ways in which we can let our students demonstrate their competency/capability?  Surely, we can let people be creative and not conform with one true method – can’t we?






One thought on “Education is about people, not systems

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