Education is for now – isn’t it?

Often, when I have a minute or more, I look at various secondary and tertiary institution web sites.  I am often bemused that they say that they are preparing their students for the future.  Bemused, because I think, well what about the now?  If we are continually told that the future is unknown, then how can we prepare someone for something we do not know about, or how it will be?

This became a point of interest recently when I had an interesting e-mail exchange with one of the youngest’s teachers.  I queried why a particular assessment had to be run in the manner that they were proposing.  The reply was that the school was preparing the youngest for VCE (year 11 & 12), even though she is in year 8 so has three years to go, and is struggling with the current task.

When – a few weeks ago – I asked if he could focus on the now and forget the future, I am still waiting for a reply…

What do you think?  Can we educate for an unknown future?


Tell me your thoughts

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